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If you are a stone, then be adamant; if you are a plant, they should do a mimosa; if you are a man, they should be a sweetheart.


Without me, your world would be easier. But lost you, my world will no longer exist.


Love is no regrets, although Tongche heart too, but remember your tenderness, in a snowing day, see the spring, I miss you.


Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you the freedom to shine with great splendor.


Love is a disease, I"m infected. You are my drug, I"m addicted.


The day that you meet is the beginning of our whole life. It is the happiness of my life to be in love with you!


In the secular world, can learn to use a normal heart to treat all around, is also a kind of realm.


Peace of mind happiness than three things: someone to believe you, someone to accompany you, someone waiting for you.


You do not abandon me, you are my first love, but also the only one to love!


I am a chess board, you are a pawn, we are together is a set of chess forever.


Girl! In fact, opened his eyes to see you every day! It feels like it"s been a day! If you really are with you! That I have not lived in this life.


Your face is so beautiful, your person is so great, think you want to get flustered, love you love you love you so nervous, I do not know how the saliva Zhang.


Encounter is always nodded, would like to say is always difficult to open, the sight of the intersection of the moment, I have felt your tenderness.


For so many years, holding your hand, just like the left hand holding the right hand did not feel, but it will cut down the pain.


We may love two people at the same time, and be loved by two people. Unfortunately, we can only stay together with the old one.


I really hope that the road has no end, so hand in hand has been going on, let us go together after the life of every Valentine"s day.


My eyes must be a problem, because my eyes always have to move away from your side.


Hope bedtime can kiss you, want to sleep can hold you, hope can see you wake up! Always hope, until forever.


Days of thinking of you, missing you at night, in the dream around you, eyes looking at you, holding your hand, I love you!


Heart to let you hear, love to let you see, not afraid of recognition of how much you love; think of you, I hope you can receive my sincere message!


There are three things in the world: love, diamond, and you. Happy Valentine"s day!


A man makes you feel like he is in love with you, but he doesn"t; a woman makes you think you can"t love you.


My birthday wish is to become your bed doll, wish you every night to hold me in my sleep.


I wish I was playing, are you rooting for me in the side, I sweat.


If you are drunk to go home, please believe that if I have a little unhappy, all from the distressed, but I will still be patient to take care of you.


One day you and I sit in front of the court, old age, flowers fall, a life time.


If you have lied to me, it has been such a fool, cheat me forever.


Love is so wonderful, do not believe in love at first sight I believe love at first sight is the light of love.


I hope, after the departure of departure, we can always meet again.


Honey, you don"t have to change for who you are, if you want to be a better person.


Want to hold your hand, go to a place called forever, see enduring as the universe scenery, taste the taste of the solid.


The one who really love you won"t say much to love you, but will do a lot of things that love you.


Just because someone doesn"t love you the way you want them to, doesn"t mean they don"t love you with all they have.


Used to breathe, but also used to have you in my side. Lost your instinct to breath.


It is graceful grief and sweet sadness to think of you, but in my heart, there is a kind of sweet, sweet, kind, which can"t be expressed with any choice of words.


If you were a cactus, I"d endure all the pain just to hug you.


Huazipiaoling artesian water, a kind of Acacia, two xianchou. This can be eliminated without plan, only under the brow, but on my mind.


The more you know for a long time, I felt that you are a joy in my life the way clear water in.


Every day of the year, every hour of the day, every minute of the hour, every second of the minute, I"m thinking of you.


You are in the north pole, I am in the South pole. About nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight kilometers, I follow the axis direction, only to get to your heart.


In the world the most eternal happiness is ordinary, in the life most long has is to cherish.


My heart is a meandering stream, innumerable twists and turns, twists and turns, will eventually flow to you.


Lovers always split, but we love the deeper, our love has withstood the test.


In this world I love three things, the sun, the moon and you. The sun for the day, the moon for the night, and you forever.


You love me, I will accompany you; you do not love me, I give you free. This is silly me, that care about you I.


You are a tear in my eyes. I never cry, because I"m afraid of losing you.


We in the misty morning. The dew, Yingying, like your pure eyes; fog, mist, like my deep sorrow.


The so-called love is in love, still can come up with a head broken and bleeding after the heart to you.


If one day we can"t be together, keep me in your heart, I"ll stay there forever.


The day you left, I decided not to tears, against the wind and not to blink of an eye.


Margin is the beginning of love, love is the process of love, let us together in the edge and love of the ocean to find the results of love it!


Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.


The happiness of love, is the world"s most beautiful expectations. And we are walking towards it.


I love you forever! Until the end of time! Love to the Yellow River flooding!


In fact, the most happy fairy tale world, however, and you spend years of fuel.


If happiness, it is because I love you, but also by your love; if not, it is because I do not understand love themselves.


Think you think you miss you, find a painter to paint you, put you in the cup, drink water every day to kiss you.


Sunrise East China Sea off the Western Hills, sorrow is also one day, like a day; failing to into a dead end, people are comfortable, the heart is also comfortable.


The so-called love, is that others worry that you will be fat, but I worry that you do not eat.


You never know there is a power in your eyes, let me see you want to hold you.


If there are ten thousand people in the world who love you, there must be me, if there is only one person in the world who love you, that person must be me.


I want to put your heart for ten thousand years, but I miss the same. I want to put my heart in your heart, The end of life really never change.


If the lovers break up, or friends, then I will be a bold love.


Once we dreamt that we were strangers, woke up and found each other is deeply attached to each other.


Hold your hand, no matter where you are, I feel like I"m in heaven.


As long as you need, I am willing to do anything, as long as you are happy, I will be happy.


If the next life, please don"t change, don"t name, I can find you.


I can"t tell why I love you, but I know that you are the reason why I don"t love others.


Some people don"t have to say goodbye, because it"s just passing by. Forgetting is the best memorial to each other.


If there is no you, in my lonely lonely, who will give me the warmth of need.


Love you afraid you do not want to believe, but in addition to love, I have no other feelings for you.


People who appear in the dream, when you wake up to see him, so I stand in front of you.


You know my loneliness is only kept for you, thousands of my sweet songs are only sung for you.


Walk through the cloud, jump, air, sing; love you, fall like flying.


The reason I live now is to be able to say to you right now, I love you, I will protect you forever.


The original can be loved by his people to endure hardship, but also a kind of happiness, but only a few people in the world can enjoy this kind of happiness.


You are a clear river, I was your side of the bed, I will protect you to the remotest corners of the globe! Love you till forever!


The sea is not dry, the stone is not bad, my love, as long as you happy, I will and they all change to come over.


When you lean into my heart, and then fat, they stuck in the inside out.


I will not change even after years, I will still love you like I do now!