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The family is one of the masterpieces created by nature.


Home is the girl"s prison and the woman"s home.


A valiant man went home.


Every man"s house is like a castle and a fortress to him.


You will have a family that is more important than the one you came from.


Whether it is king or peasant, family harmony is the most happy.


No matter when and where home is always open to a place.


Home is a harbor, a way of life; is the feeling of home, a continuation of the soul.


All happy families are very alike, and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own.


The well-being of families, parents rely on love, the children are out of love and obedience to their parents.


A very warm and very warm, it can relieve the people in the cold winter, bring comfort to the soul.


A shelter for us, give us infinite power. Long life, home and we always.


Home, is a warm word, is a place for us to eliminate fatigue, let the body and mind resting place.


The scientific spirit of universal love, scattered around the world, all kinds of enthusiastic scientific people into a big family.


What is home, home, is a round of the sun. Mom and dad happy smile, synthetic strands of warm sunshine.


Has a warm and beautiful home is happy and warm. Have a soul to swim in the harbour is lucky.


Home, is the place where everyone is worth to rely on, the family is the cradle of each child"s growth, is the harbor of every child.


Home is a boat, drifting in the home is the harbor, is the life of the rest of the warm harbor, home is the shore, is the beginning and end of the voyage of our life.


What is the home is a warm harbor, is a fertile tree of the loess, is a soft spot of light, is a kind of flower umbrella, is the horizon of one of the most beautiful clouds.


Home, is everyone"s expectations and dreams, because the home will record you a step by step growth experience, it is the spirit of longing, is the sun"s rays, it feeds every kind of person.


Home, is to go out wandering the same harbor, without any documents we can stop there, whether in peace or war. We also change the fate of falling leaves.


Sunset at home is tired of the birds fly for the rest of the place, is the wind and rain relief available for pity weak fish to escape the local overseas Chinese, is thinking of day and night dream, a mother gently places a smile.


Home is a warm harbor, for the soul of wandering; home is like an umbrella tree, summer sun shading; home is cool rain, dust flick tired; home is forever, cherish happiness stub.


Home is a warm words, covering the outside of the treasure a covering of cold rain, a horizontal three left is the home of people"s expectations, the two is on the left out people outside the home to look, a hook to the whole family close together.


If I were on the plate - like silver, then the sun is bright red, because it gave me light. If I was a dust, then the vast expanse of the earth is home, here I have countless brothers.


Let the children feel that the family is the happiest place in the world, this is the wisdom of the past adult adult practice. This wonderful family feeling, in my opinion, as the most delicate gifts that give children the precious.


The night is very black, the sky is only a star, it is hard to shine its faint light; there is a light, it emits the world the most warm light, the lights lit, it is the direction of home is the warmest place in the world.


What is home, home is a part of our lives, a long and wonderful life episode. He"s under us all. When we are hurt, we don"t have to be sad, because the family has become the partner of our life.


Home, like ships of the harbor, like the trees on the land, like the birds stop the nest that is, whenever can rely on the shoulder. It is like the flower, like jade, fresh and elegant, warm square. Even the same. Happiness, is the heart of the home.


In fact, there you have my place, even the dwelling, even cottage, even hard on herfingers: next month"s salary to be made? And then with joy to imagine the delicious in the tongue of the comfortable, imagine to what place to see the scenery.


Home is always our root, no matter how far we go, even the far-off regions, get out of its heart, it"s about; home, we have a dream of the most beautiful, the most beautiful fairy tale, no matter how complex outside, just think of it, we won"t be afraid!


Homesick, homesick, both in my home, homesick, far-off regions; burst into tears. No matter how far we go, also can not walk out of your heart ah! No matter how complicated it is outside, you will not be afraid to think of it! Miss home, homesick, home is the root of our forever ah!


What is home? It"s a light, a roof, a soft bed. With the lights, no longer afraid of the night without stars and the moon. With eaves, no longer afraid of the wind and rain to fight. With the bed, tired, sleepy, you can sleep on the sweet sleep, to do a beautiful dream.


Some people say that home is a bed when you"re tired can lay up, a good sleep, when you wake up, eyes are no longer in blood, heart no bitterness, the entire people will be full of go. Some people say that home is a warm harbor, Juanniao can return to the nest.


Home is a haven after being wronged. If the work is not satisfactory, the unhappy, outside wronged, back home, just like the boat back to port, outside another big storm, in the end is the micro wave light waves. You are safe to adjust the good mood, second days, and then continue to forge ahead, continue to work hard.


The dim lights covered home tired, night curtain mask home alone, home is lonely, it is like a lonely spring, although it seems that the only such a small, but it will also take less, not dry. The loneliness of his hometown comes from his heart, and also affects the people in his hometown.