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The sea for three years, the clouds don"t send a paper book.


Before the right and wrong, at this moment are understood.


Today laugh and break up with you, I wish I laughed to meet you.


How to say, the first time, and the last time to participate in such a reception.


Many students are crying, boys and girls, no difference between the bar!


Come also in a hurry, go to also in a hurry, from the end of a thousand, looking forward to a reunion.


Leave you, no matter how long, always hope for a moment, you appear in front of.


We can not change the reality, can only comfort is to leave for the future better together.


No matter where fate brings us, the bond of friendship will always be closely connected.


I don"t think whether can succeed, since the choice of the oasis, will no longer have!


That what, take care of yourself, something I will not come over, I will call your cousin.


From the other, memories meet. A few our dreams and mr.. Tonight, the silver cylinder, still fear it is a dream.


For a long time, the meeting is also difficult, let this little piece of paper with my sincere heart, take me to the eternal love.


High seas will separate us, not to me only to meet with you in the past, and meet you in the dream.


Separation, a bit hard, but not readily; with some regret, but not optimistic. Because of the hope of meeting in comfort.


True friendship never breaks apart. Your friend will treasure your friendship more because of your departure.


I couldn"t bear to wave, because it was goodbye. I didn"t dare to shake hands, because I didn"t know what time to wait.


A whistle, fell in the wilderness; infinite melancholy and loneliness, in the parting moment, welled up in his heart.


Leave a bit hard, but not disappointed; with some regret, but not pessimistic. Because there is hope to meet in comfort.


Don"t force yourself, tomorrow is nothing special! I just want you to be with me all the time before you have the time I left.


Out of suffering because together happy, if again have double happiness, then I would rather endure more sorrow.


Parting of the tears, for the long river of memory to add a new spray; parting blessing, for once again together began a prelude.


Brother! Mix well and don"t forget friends, send you a thousand miles must part, better meet you miss. I wait for you to come back in three days.


We have to separate, quietly say goodbye, thank you in my heart, thank you once gave me a deep friendship.


No matter how far away in the future, the growth of the road there you have me; no matter when we meet, we are forever friends.


No matter how long the future, please cherish every moment, no matter how many seasons, we are forever friends.


May be due to the reason, the students and teachers face to show a different degree of sadness when parting.


Form is emptiness., heart temple, emptiness is form; from the edge, where the meter turn? Happy every day, enjoy every point of nature!


Leave a little regret, but not disappointed; is a bit sorry, but not pessimistic. Because we have the hope of meeting in comfort.


Quietly broke up, just as the first meeting in silence. May this warm breeze bring you my loving blessings and prayers.


Today, I am in a distant place, you gave me yesterday, folded into a memory of the boat, let it drift in the ocean of missing.


Tomorrow morning, I wish clouds, the sun always accompany you walk to the far horizon; flowers, grass hand in hand you spread far future.


Waved goodbye, sail, don"t deal is the friendship that you throw of the cable, the invisible firmly lines in my heart.


Depending on your sincere love and versatile, even far away from the homeland, rove all over the world, what worried looking for less congenial the bosom friend?


Month hazy, hazy bird, I quietly sent you to go on a long journey, from now on the horizon with a tearful star, always watching your receding figure.


Respectively, we did not hang around eyes, relative, Speechless. Watch the sunset through the Wenfeng spire, it dropped over Xiqing river.


Life always constantly gathering in deviation, when we are accustomed to this is the inevitable thing in life, which is easy to accept and face.


The wind, leaves fall leaves, zero"s lonely mother figure, I wander alone, life at that time, truly miserable.


My most dear rabbit, the swallow, marshal, Ya Rui, pan Jing I really want to hold you tightly, so reluctant, really good.


It"s going to be six. It"s going to rain. When it rains the sky or blue? Will everything be all right? Wonderful departure, there are times when it?


I will be strong, I will learn, the future will be happy, not happy to abandon all, will only remember those who once belonged to our happiness.


Despite being hurried to meet, to leave in a hurry, but the short journey of life we have eternal, I believe our friendship today is the best memory for tomorrow.


When we meet, it is difficult to meet. Parting is always sad for a man. Family, friendship, and love, always at the time of departure, the most powerful performance.


I cherish every time in my life, I know each and every one of heaven and earth, the friend of each intimate tacit understanding; even if it is to leave, but also to it as a double happiness in order to meet again.


When you are alone, the wind is my song, wish it can make you get a moment of comfort; when you proud, the rain is my alarm, may it can make you get eternal humility.


The small and the spring breeze, weeping willow flowing east, recalling the parting, both hands, made heavy. Go a few degrees of autumn and winter, Feiyan in a hurry. How long will the industry return, make drink, then dream?


Once after the departure, the weight loss of the two people, three meals a day, have no appetite, four seasons in the spring and autumn, pleasantly surprised worry, Liuqin advised not to live, seven emotions without end, eight is lonely, 99 hope normalized, Shiquan Tangshan.


Happy three in the past, we will face the suffering of the three, we hope that a lot of efforts to fight for their ideals. I will also smile to meet their first life turning point.


Sometimes, when we really want to get together, the bigger the better, so that we can accommodate more friends, but the smaller the better, because smaller to a certain extent, we are closer to the distance.


Dry your tears! Be thankful that we have formed a holy alliance for worship of love. In order to have a sweet and pure love, we can endure all the pain and misery, and can withstand the separation and poverty.


If you can, make you in a moment of leisure pursuit of my figure, I would like to if hidden in the bottom of the cocoon, and sleeping for 20 years. Then in the warm sunshine in the spring, cocoon and pupate into a butterfly, in the blue sky Bicao, elegant dance for you.


When you can"t help but flow out of tears, eyes wide open, do not blink! You will see the whole process of the world is blurred by the clarity, the heart will become clear and clear in the moment your tears fall. Salt. Destined to melt, perhaps with the way of tears.


The breeze blowing over my face, a staggered season at the Youth passes as a fleeting wave.. I will be in the hands of the brush scattered, chaotic weather in the haze, the end is a silhouette. The past, a melancholy, in my world, you write down, hurt a day.


My closest friends, long time no see. Now, you are no longer my partner at your fingertips. But still believe that, at that time, we are each other"s lives in a light. Recently, like this sentence: if one day we become strange, then I will know you.


Goodbye, my dear brother. Despite the caught or lost, the back has been across. May we continue to struggle, although during the gap between the ideal and the reality is enough to let us speechless, but the reality is this shore, the other side is ideal, the action is the iron and steel bridges. The ship Noah"s Ark. That countless successful footsteps: hard work is the success of the master.


Waiting for your concern, until I closed the heart; walk in the same street, back to two worlds; thank you unfeeling, let me learn to forget; not unwilling to give up is not dead heart; sincerely from sad recently; I want to cry, but I don"t know how to tears; who put who really seriously, who is who love dearly; wait, perhaps is not easy; injury, but easy.