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Love in the dusk is like a book.


Deep friendship, to clear the accounts.


Victory and tears, this is life.


Make every effort to rush your future.


A flower withered, not the whole barren spring.


Jealousy and doubt made her forget her lover"s shyness.


If you can make the one you love happy, you get paid.


Weed as early as possible, the education of children to childhood.


Regular life is the secret of health and longevity.


Although the industry is different, there is no distinction between genius and morality.


His envy and pain are innocent performance out.


The flowers of life will open only to pay labor.


Love and work make people indifferent to the outside world.


Although the occupation is different, but there is no difference in the quality of genius.


Law and morality are not good for the rich, but wealth is virtue.


Behind every great fortune there is a crime.


The girl"s sympathy and tenderness, there is a magnet strength.


Through the hard work of acquiring wealth is the life of joy.


And their clothes are gorgeous, as there are feelings can be wasted.


The failure of business is not in the absence of material but in the absence of man.


Man"s happiness comes from ignorance of one"s own or another.


The loss of future happiness is more painful than the loss of one"s happiness.


After a person to fail, but he found strong desire.


He finished with the sword to cause, I will use the pen to complete.


There is no ideological innocence, it can not be honest money.


An educated man, like virtue and evil, thinks beforehand.


Art is the use of the smallest area, the maximum concentration of thought.


Life is a habit we follow in our own environment.


Great men have gone through the desert sand, boarded the peak of glory.


It is easy for people to suffer the greatest pain, but not to enjoy the excessive joy.


When we are young, we can learn something, even if it is boring.


Only those who know how to reflect on themselves when they are successful can be truly successful.


The pain of making a good soul bleed is always a moving play.


Greed is like a knot, the more tightly the heart of the people, the results of the occlusion of the intellect.


I want to be a hole of spring, spring which is like a boundless scenery place.


Unfortunately, it is genius into the ladder, is the baptism of believers, is the abyss of the weak hell.


Almost all of the young girls believe that the appearance of the hint that people"s heart and appearance as beautiful.


Only those who know to control their shortcomings, do not let them control themselves are strong.


We could not find the bright flowers we missed in spring and summer in late autumn will.


I do not believe that parents make decisions on children"s husband, also don"t believe in the third match.


Passion is the whole human race. Without passion, religion, history, fiction, art, are useless.


Real scientists should be a visionary, who is not a visionary, who can only refer to themselves as practitioners.


Melody to the music, as the image and emotion in poetry, is a natural open flowers.


As long as the warm feelings of friends with complete mutual understanding is cruel and the fickleness of the world, one can see light suddenly.


We both sleep on our property: you sleep on your gold, I sleep on my tools!


At the age of three, there is no love between a girl"s eyes and the outside world.


The power of thought is far less powerful than speech. A person will say too much, for gospel truth in her words.


A man should be conspicuous is not his horse, nor other accessories, but his character.


From the literary point of view, some behavior in human life is not true, but it is often difficult to make people believe.


For a waste of people, money is round, but for the thrifty people, money is flat, can be a piece of piled up.


A drowning man, you will be as thick as a bamboo stick out for him, he said, that is the first avenue.


Need to produce the industry, the industry produced a commercial, commercial profits, profits generated benefits, benefits have produced a useful thought.


Delicate and elegant with simple people is inevitable strengths on him to make his speech more intriguing, as bishop of rhetoric.


Some people"s minds, perhaps like some animals, from the local to another place, leaving the local soil and water, it can not reproduce.


When a young man makes a mistake, he does not dare to look at himself in a mirror, but an adult has nothing to fear. This is the difference between the two stages of life.


This system blocked conscience, the eradication of human nature, and finally with the passage of time, their compliance with the system to become a screw in the government of this machine.


Where there is poverty, there is misery. Suffering, poverty, gaining very fierce, bitter, poor, abuse of power, will, say, the same self abuse.


When young people are in the wrong place, they do not dare to take a look at the mirror of their conscience, but they are not afraid to face up to it. The difference between the two stages of life lies in this.


Life is something else, with the kitchen smell. To fishing water can not be afraid of dirty hands, just after clean, today the so-called moral, but is so little.


Creative people are not addicted to the pain of the past, they will learn to teach; and the weak is immersed in pain all day, looking back on the past suffering to torture themselves.


Our heart is a treasure house, suddenly emptied, it will bankrupt. A person took out all the emotions, like all of the money spent as much as people can not forgive.


The political and economic Parisians, has been lurking in his mind, as long as he leisurely from the spectator into a real-life actor, these potential root will immediately flowering.


Love is a rational indulgence, is a great spiritual enjoyment, positive, serious enjoyment; the flesh is selling obscene vulgar streets and lanes, enjoy: there are two sides of the same facts.


Life is a variety of changes, cyclic pain and joy. The eternal blue sky exists only in the middle of the heart, to the reality of life is too extravagant demands.


A beautiful young woman must not let men have with extreme ease of her heart, let the pressure hard feelings in my heart and demurely moves than the crazy words come more profound meaning.


Don"t have to do a delusion, eyes would not matter to duty, regardless of fame, fortune, or a woman. The world can give you, only in the culture of top-quality wine.


When women love us, they can forgive what, even our sins; when they do not love us, they will not remember what, even our virtues.


People can feel the love of others. Feelings in above all things, through space. A letter is a soul, it is a faithful echo of the words, sensitive people put it in the most rich treasure of love.


But many people are so, only against their own people around, met a stranger feel relaxed and exciting it strange to say, but the fact is that, if you want to know is still the root of the heart.


He saw as evil in one place, in another place that is a virtue, so he had no idea certainly the right and wrong. All for the benefit of going to the heart, cold, dry shrinkage.


The benefactor and benefactor blend compassion is a presence in the heaven of passion, like a true love not to be understood, and is very rare. Both of these are the emotions of a pure man.


Unfortunately, in the political storm shock times, women like the lotus gone, the flowers to bloom, let us have a good to hear or see, the clear sky and the warm wind.


Human beings always love their own trouble and opposition, he used his own misery trick their hopes, and does not belong to their own future, to deceive the human suffering, dacron all acts, which are contradictory and weak brand.


Education knows burned wills, do a decent man, to be loved, respected, and not to be a thief to steal the watch by repeat offenders, the law of five kinds of circumstances aggravating, solutions to Geleifu execution were detested and discredited.


We usually walk in the forest, from the sound of footsteps on the ground under the super basic guess is the hole or large stones; with the same courtesy covered and selfish, underground tunnels dug into the disaster, also sounded hollow in stay together morning and night life.


Their enthusiasm like a raging fire, the fire from the mouth they exercise the eternal integrity; they continue to work, work to suppress his insatiable desire, from work to develop the habit of struggle, the struggle is bound to encounter the genius.


Just take the clown social fun, no other requirements, I forgot them; not see a field bus Wei adults, he must excel in Shengcaiken kneel to him. Each of the rules: do not wear a diamond can not have a little flaw, a popular product can thin, eccentric, flashy without substance.


You are enslaved people of the land, you are the love angel, you are a fantastic fairy, you are honest child, you"re an experienced man, you are a rich man on the mind, you are kind-hearted woman, you are hopeful giant, you are the mother suffered untold hardships, you the poet is full of fantasy.