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The life significance lies in the struggle, because the world itself is an arena.


Dreams, is to believe that their own beliefs, to complete the ideal of desire and never give up, is each have her people the greatest wealth.


A man has no money to do not have money, but if the person does not have a dream, this person is poor.


It is difficult to say what is impossible, because the dream of yesterday, can be today"s hope, and also can become tomorrow"s reality.


I am a clown, originally my beautiful nose can not open with you in the summer.


Pride is a broken wire kite, transient; inferiority, is cut the wings of birds, to the sky. Both are taught taboo.


The most pitiful of humanity is: we always dream of the horizon of a wonderful rose garden, not to enjoy today opened in our window of the rose.


People have the material to survive, people have a dream to talk about life. Do you want to know the difference between survival and life? Animals live, but people live.


Life is the most painful wake of nowhere. The dreamer is happy; if there is no way to see it, the most important thing is not to wake him.


Read as traveling thousands of miles, traveling thousands of miles is better than reading countless people, reading countless people as guiding teacher. The division is easy, hard to find a teacher.


Youth is the most happy time in life, but this is often because it is full of hope, not because of what has been or what to escape.


Young people ready to make a material, want to build a bridge to the moon, or on the ground to build two palaces or temples. To middle age, finally decided to take a shed.


Banyan because deep down in the soil, life shade will flourish longer. The tares enjoying seedlings treated like, bear is not an.


Faced with the fate of not compromise, face difficulties do not retreat, so as to make their own hero.


Life is not to live long and short, but in the early and late.


A man has only one heart, but two hearts. A live happy; a live sad. Don"t laugh too loudly, or you will wake the sadness.


Business, can control efforts and investment, but can not control the results. When you find a way of life, frustrated when the only way out, BMW has a spare tire, your life?


To guide your life with your dream, to gratitude sincerely help people realize their dreams of mentality to lead your life. To use persistent no fear optimistic attitude to lead your life.


Along the way, I will find something I never imagined, if I didn"t have the courage to try it seems almost impossible, but now I am just a shepherd.


A person can be very poor and poor, humble, but don"t have dreams. As long as the dream one day, as long as the dream of one day, you can change your situation.


The torrent of life has come to a cliff, just a step forward, it will become a magnificent waterfall.


To guide your life with your dream, with gratitude, sincerity, help people realize their dreams of mentality to lead your life. To persistent, fearless, optimistic attitude to lead your life.


Wish you are a tree: spring, vomit a mountain light fragrance; summer, sprinkle a touch of such as spring cool shade; fall, give a sweet olive tree; winter, a refresh dream!


The wise man knows, the wise man knows, and the wise man looks far away.


Just as the wish can inspire the dream, the dream can also inspire the desire.


Youth, sunshine, laughter, for this is your day, dance out of the joy of the beat. Happy birthday to you!


The dream is far away, but it is within reach. What is the dream that no one knows. The dream is ever changing. A man without a dream is like a like a dead-alive person. Without dreams, without a soul.


A piece of brick with nothing, a pile of bricks nor with what, if your heart is not a dream to build a house, with the world all brick is a pile of waste; but if only the house of dreams, and without bricks, dreams can not achieve.


The strong people, unfortunately, like his heart the same common cultivated land, although the pain, but you can sow.


The character of the waves, is the countless shattered rock and lots of shining on the reef.


The ideal of life is to the ideal of life, everyone should therefore assume their responsibilities, for life, for the future to have a sense of responsibility, no matter what difficulties and setbacks encountered should move in the courage of perseverance candid and pragmatic attitude.


People who have dreams are worthy of respect, but also make people envy. When most people toil and bustle of reality, insist on, don"t be afraid to be different, you should have what kind of life is that you personally to write. Come on. Let us join together to defend the original dream.


Life is sweet, and it can be bitter, but it can not be without taste. You can win, you can fail, but you can"t give in.


Life like this cup of liquor, again and again without refining ah, will not be so delicious!


Life needs a bright spot, and these highlights need to have a dream to light. There is no dream, lack of color are the person"s life, will only be a gray.


One wants to be successful, to change one"s fate, to have a dream is to be important. I think everyone should be a dream in the heart, have ambition to the motherland in mind to find their own dreams, assign to do, do not follow suit without wavering. At the same time, we do not simply want to have their own dreams, you should also use their dreams to the infected and affected by others, because success is his dream to ignite people"s dream is always sowing dreams.


The real greatness of a man lies in the fact that he is able to recognize his own.


Dream is not a dream, the difference between the two usually have a very worthy people to think about the distance.


Without a certain goal, the wisdom will be lost, where is the goal, where there is no target.


Ordinary simple dream, we use the only belief to support the dream.


After the sea a grounding, pebble becomes more beautiful and smooth.


Not everyone should like me to build a crystal cathedral, but everyone should have their own dreams, design their own dreams, the pursuit of their own dreams, to realize their dreams. The dream is the soul of life, is the soul of the lighthouse, is to guide people to the success of the faith. With lofty dreams, as long as the unshaken pursuit, dream will become a reality, the struggle will become a heroic, life will create a miracle.


Knowledge is better than knowledge, knowledge is better than doing things, things as a man.