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They can"t beat me. The only way is to kill me! All can not kill me will only make me stronger.


I still love the game, and I also want to play. I feel strongly that I can still compete at a high level of competition.


Play with heart. You did what everyone was asking you to do. Whether you are winning or losing, you should be proud of yourself.


I"m the terminator.


Without their help, there would be no today"s Iverson, they are my most trusted people.


I am not a man who would hate to be jealous. You got talent, I love you.


They can"t beat me, unless I kill me, and anything that doesn"t kill me makes me stronger!


You can not love me, but you have to be afraid of me at least.


Everything is as important as life. I can"t say it clearly, as long as I"m on the pitch, I"ll be in a state of combat. I want to win every game and all I want to do is win.


I don"t know what a real point guard is, I just want to do everything we can to win, even if people say I"m selfish.


If you want me to come on the bench, I"d rather choose to retire.


I would like to tell you, my mother and my friends, they are very simple people, they will not do harm to other people"s things.


My height lets the coach only consider me to play the guard, but I believe my talent, I can score, I can score in front of anyone.


Only I can stop myself.


I don"t know how successful people are, but I know that if you want to succeed, you have to be selfish.


I"m fucking All-Star regardless of whether it was a giggle and flirt show, before, but on any game I floor, Iverson only one purpose, that is to win, this world is not what is in the failure to spend a night in the worse.


Life is a life, you"ll meet a lot of things. Once I always frown to change everything, but now I prefer to smile, perhaps a little more fun. You may know the taste of life.


We always talk about training, training, and training, but never talk about anything about the game. I mean, what a stupid thing to do!


I see every game as the last game of my career.


This is my life, no one would expect me to live.


I don"t know exactly what a real point guard is, I just know I want to do everything possible to help the team win, even if it means that I was labeled as selfish.


I am not a pure jealousy, if you are a genius, then I will love you very much.


Without their help, there would be no Allen today. Iverson. They are the people I trust the most. I firmly believe that, even if one day I die, they will take good care of my family, because they will always be my strongest backing.


Do not give up, always believe that your dream can be realized, and strive for it.

25、昨夜如果你不小心路过,你也许能看到离别的宴会正在举行。那里正在演奏华丽的挽歌。如果可以,在我的葬礼上,请用你们在赛场上的欢呼声来做安魂曲。 这是世界上最动听最美丽的音乐。

Last night if you were not careful, you might see the departure of the party is being held. There are playing beautiful elegy. If you can, in my funeral, please use your cheers on the court to do requiem. This is the most beautiful music in the world.


Being the all star is the most important.


I do not have to respect and fear anyone.


I have always dreamed of such a scene, and the reality seems better than I imagined. Everything is so perfect, but there is one thing is not satisfactory, and that is our team did not win the game. But away from home, I finally experienced a perfect trip, and returned to the home.


They are my best friend, when I was in jail, they only come to visit me, and those who pretend and I"m familiar person? Will write those shit article, I don"t know them!


How many people Ai Everson, there are many people hate Iverson, but the important thing is that those who care about you.


You can be the talent in the world, but if you do not mind, so I don"t need you to basketball.


Don"t be such a coward like sad, no matter how many times you get knocked down, patted the dust, then smiled and stood up, and then smiled into battle. I don"t need to respect anyone on the pitch. I swear I"ve never been tired. Maybe one day I will stop and rest, that day is the end of the life of the moment.


Life is a life, you"ll meet a lot of things. Once I always frown to change everything, but now I prefer to smile, or a little more fun.


They can"t beat me, their only way to beat me is to kill me, and if they don"t kill me, it will make me stronger.


One thing, and that"s forever.


You always show a strong desire to win, and what does it mean to you?


I also take every game as their first match, it will give me a lot of fresh feeling. They can"t beat me unless I kill me, and anything that can"t kill me makes me stronger!


Any time I said something caused refute voice, this is not what the media you want to see things? You never say positive things about me, if you don"t say Iverson did a charity and related things. You will be placed in the teeth of the storm I.


Only the brave can survive in this league.


No water, no food, I can endure, but I can"t accept unwarranted charges, I won"t give up. I see the dark side of life, it told me to I not to think it as shameful, seize the opportunity, a lot of things transient. I began to know at any time to believe in myself, to fight against the fate.


I thought I was the fastest man on the pitch, but I couldn"t run time.


I love them because they love me.


Maybe one day I will stop and rest, in a gorgeous elegy sound, lying on my tombstone, it will become a monument to the hearts of the basketball fans around the world.