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Reason is not understood by reason.


Great art has always been the most decorated.


The mills of God grind slowly, but finely ground.


There are two treasures in life, one is freedom of thought, the two is freedom of action.


Since life is meaningless, the world is no cruel at all.


You can"t ask people more than they can give.


Sadness, in different people, there will be different ways of expression.


It"s good for you to enjoy what you really want.


The meaning of life lies in the life itself, but not in the way you describe it.


If the light is to blame and I will be good for you, then you will be free.


Tell the disaster soon makes people tired, people do not want to see the sad eyes.


Marriage is a good thing, but a marriage custom, it is not flattery.


Some of the chest has been stained with so many tears, I can not bear to put on my.


My whole life will never have such a moment again. I"m not going to share with anyone.


I believe that in a plague, those who died because of fear are not less than those who died because of the disease.


In fact, the beneficiaries of gratitude repay psychology than benefactor of Mercy"s psychology is much weaker.


Money is like the sixth senses, if there is no money, it is not possible to fully use the other feeling.


A man deeply loves a woman, does not mean that he would like to spend the rest of his life with her.


Spilled milk, don"t cry, because everything in the universe is to deliberately plan milk.


Love to occupy a great energy, it should be a person to leave their own life to do a special love.


In love, if you consider your pride, there is only one reason: in fact, you still love yourself.


Let us seek the honest, honest people love. Their ignorance is far more valuable than our knowledge.


Love is a joke, but it doesn"t mean to be unkind. God knows how hard it is. People who are born kind are often less interesting.


The most primitive nature of man is in your eyes, and you can"t help but feel fear when you see it, because you are seeing yourself.


Because the time is fleeting, can not be redeemed, so it is the world"s most valuable wealth. The abuse of time is no doubt one of the most significant ways to kill.


Happiness and pain, the same as the trivial, they come, with the other details of the life in the same, but is making the pattern of life more complicated and more.


Every time when I see you, like something to his heart twists him. Suddenly I felt a joy and a wonderful free feeling.


Life is just a mess, full of ridiculous, dirty things, it can give people a few laughs, but he smiled but couldn"t help full of sorrow.


He was impatient with life, for he found himself unable to tell what the impulse of his heart was suggesting. His mind is not fit for his spirit.


Life is a hard journey, so that my own life is not easy, how can I hope to teach others how to live a good life?


When you were 20 years old when they are in love, you feel that is eternal, and when you reach 50, you take life to love sees through everything, you know this is just a fleeting stuff.


The purpose of life is nothing else but to seek their own happiness, even self sacrifice, that is for a kind of illusion, thought of his own to seek happiness is generous.


I want to live in the world, love the world of everything, nothing can hurt me, do not have anything to hurt me, I am willing to accept the shape of the form of life, no matter how it is the sorrow of the pain.


The vast majority of people are so stupid, that it is really no compliment to say who is above the average person. Most people are really ugly! Unfortunately, they do not know that it is easy to treat a little less, or to remedy it.


I think that some people were born in a place where they can say that they did not have their. Opportunity to them casually thrown into an environment, and they are always missing a they also don"t know is located in the hometown where.


We on the vanity always than ego more tolerant -- because the vain people for our evaluation is very sensitive, so as to meet our self-esteem; and pompous people expressed indifference, injuring our self-esteem.


Know nothing about the people think orifices can pass, so that he has no sense, so contented; to convince him not omniscient, as he believe that the moon is made of green cheese easier to.


I admit that the conventional social values, also see it in order of happiness. But my blood is filled with a desire, longing for a more uninhibited trip, my heart longing for a more adventurous life.


Take myself for example, I the biggest hope is that others don"t to me, but I"ve also noticed that, not everyone is hope so, if I don"t go to their business, but they will think I"m indifferent and selfish, heartless.


I don"t have a dream about you. I know you silly, frivolous, emptiness of mind, but I love you. I know your intentions, your ideal, your snobbish, vulgar, but I love you. I know you are a second rate. But I love you.


Women always like in their love of people dying be magnanimous and their preference to call me really unbearable. Sometimes I even feel that they are not willing to man life is too long, this scene is the fear of performance opportunities too late.


They remember that he had had a sated generation people trampled under foot, so is yelling, haughty; they foresee the torch warriors one day also to let in others. Who said that it is not the last word.


I get from this lesson, the author should from the joy of writing, from pent up in his mind the idea of giving vent to get a Book reward; for all other shouldn"t mind works, the success or failure of praise or censure, he should treat with indifference.


Also at this age, you know you can no longer throw this opportunity to send this by capricious fate, not five years, perhaps six months, this will end all. Life is dull, grey, and happiness is rare and rare. Our death is long.


Even the most people who have no thought have their own philosophy. No matter you to know how very little, regardless of how much they contradiction, how intolerance, how absurd, in which there exists a and affect your actions. Even if you never spoke of them, they are your philosophy.


You just have to think about in infancy, older people repeatedly to he stressed that older people than younger people smart, and young people to find out in the end that this argument is more ridiculous when, they are already old, and thought to this trick on there is good for them.


Hypocrisy is one of the most difficult and most exciting habits of a person to seek, and it requires constant vigilance and a high concentration of spirit. Unlike adultery or bulimia may be in the free time; it is need to pay all the time engaged in work; it also needs a cynical humor.


I always think that most people spend life like this. I admit that this life of social value. I saw its ordered happiness, but my blood has a strong desire for a more uninhibited journey. My heart longs for a more dangerous life.


As long as you have a little meaning in defiance to accept this misfortune, it will only bring shame on you. If you put it is seen as the representation of the grace of God, as is because see your shoulders strong enough to bear, to give you wear a gold cross, then it is no longer the pain you, and will be the source of your happiness.


When you hear young people full of confidence, defiant mouthful of nonsense, when you see him dogmatic and intolerant, are you angry do? That what his benighted do? Did you forget that you are so stupid, arbitrary, arrogant, and arrogant when you are at your age? I say you, I mean, of course.


In life there is such a thing: you have a few months each day to meet a person, so you will be very close to his relationship, you will even think, without this person still do not know how to live. Then the two men were separated, but everything went according to the previous pattern. You thought a moment also cannot do without partners, now lakes.


Never know, why do people fall in love with another person? I guess there"s a gap in our hearts, and we"re eager to fill it with a heart filled with cold wind. Even if you are like the sun are perfect circles, but the gap in my heart, perhaps is precisely a crooked toothed, you can not fill.