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1、Hop, move slowly and slowly 跳,慢慢的慢慢的动

2、Don"t finish right now.不要现在就结束

3、Hold it, yeah like that.保持着,哦就像那样

4、Babe, do you take off my clothes in your dreams?宝贝,你在梦里脱我衣服吗?

5、Hop, it"s the moment for you to put in 跳,此刻你该放进去了

6、Look, but don"t get angry, 看,但不要生气

7、You"re moving too much, mine can"t get up.你动得太多了,我起不来了。

8、Touch, but don"t come near. 触摸,但不要接近

9、Drive me slowly, don"t hurry.慢慢来,不用着急。

10、Hop, it penetrates little by little 跳,一点一点地渗透