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I already have a favorite person.


I don"t believe in happiness, I believe in you.


I want to grow old with you.


I"d like to be your best haven.


I think I have a crush on you for a long time.


Since I love you...... To know the sweetness of love.


When can pull your hand, were watching the sea together?


Life is an illusion, but I need you by my side.


I think the future I will accompany you every day on the market.


With you just I don"t want to give anyone the chance.


Honey, can you marry me, I"ll marry you!


Don"t know love you count is a close reason.


I love you, as long as I accompanied.


Ever lost in the heart, is you pull me out of loneliness.


I will do your ears, listen to the exclusive mode of the exclusive.


My door is like two parallel lines will never be able to face to face.


Don"t need words, let me tell you with action, what is love.


Funny side not you, good strange, with my whole life, OK?


In every one of your companions night, never lonely lonely.


First of all, I would like to thank God, let me in here to meet you.


When you are sad, I would like to be the one you can count on.


I love you, for your happiness, I am willing to give up everything, including you.


I don"t believe in forever love, because I will love you more and more every day.


I am to you, just an accident; you for me, but it is a love.


Looking at you smile, suddenly found that I was the happiest person in the world.


Ask you a silly question, if I like you, how should I do?


If you do not, you ask him to help you introduce a boyfriend, he said his name.


The fire of love, in the hearts of both of us, we will be fused in a.


I regret to know you, you let me feel the pain when you are not around me.


When I decide to spend the rest of my life with you, I wish I had my life to start soon.


You are a little handsome, you are lovely, you are so cute, you are the worst for me, let me can only love you.


Wistfully, Trinidad Yunyan miss. Facing the north, like you, in the spring of the season.


I will not let my love, and I have passed! Now I want to tell you loudly: I really love you!


The most crazy thing in this life, is falling in love with you, the greatest hope, is that you accompany me crazy for a lifetime.


You are the only man in my life that makes me so exciting, you are all I have in my life.


Time cannot erase my thoughts of you even if Haikudanlan, your shadow forever in my heart!


You are the shore, I am a boat, you are the sun, I turn for you, happiness has you to calculate, give me the world do not change.


Love letter is written by me, the rose is sent to me, the photo is my take, the phone is my taxi, the information is my hair!


If fall in love with you is also a kind of wrong, I believe that this will be the life of the most beautiful wrong, I would rather wrong for a lifetime.


Encounter is always nodded, would like to say is always difficult to open, the sight of the intersection of the moment, I have felt your tenderness.


Every day for your heart, every moment you touched, every second for you to worry about. It feels so good to have you.


I Aiweinasi, pure and noble, I love the seven fairies, beautiful and persistent. My love for you, so you.


Acquaintance with you is a kind of fate, falls in love with you is a kind of beauty, accompanied by a blessing with you, I would like to accompany with you forever.


My eyes gazed into your eyes, just like the blue sea, pure was not rubbed a little into the sand.


Stay in your heart, as you are in my heart in the past and now, we have been two of each other can not be alienated from the life.


As long as you like, when you are unhappy, when most in need of a shoulder to tell me, I will immediately appear.


The vast sea, with your name and navigation; so cold, hold your name heating; long life, with your name out.


No one in this world is as nervous as you are! So spoony love me. So I decided to marry you in my life!


Your name is the only word I"m in "love", and you"re the only flight I have in the "sea of love".


Let me personally give you brew a cup of tea, add a piece of candy, and then injected into a cavity enthusiasm, the love I, a little bit to dissolve into the tea.


The snow floating in the blue sky, beautiful shoes leakage of Jiaya, you my acquaintance is a myth, you gently call back!


The reason I live now is to be able to say to you right now, I love you, I will protect you forever.


Initial fall in love, goodbye infatuation, all the day care, want to heart, painstakingly, want to have to push the heart, don"t you, do not know my heart!


Every time I feel frustrated, have to remember your smile, your encouragement, they make me strong enough to face down, thank you!


Day in different space, miss in different time, no matter how the change of the world, you will always be my favorite.


I don"t know whether I should open lattice let rain gone with the wind into the house, I do not know in the face of the anticipation of spring, I should pay how to love.


Fish said to water: you can not see my tears, because I am in the water. "I could feel your tears cause you are in me." answered water.


Love a person very bitter, I do not stop to pay; love a person is very tired, I was addicted to Acacia; love a person is very silly, I but bigotry.


Life"s short, but the creation of the eternal love. Pretty girl, please don"t indulge in self-admiration, open your heart and accept my roses.


Dream of you forget tired, think you can not sleep, don"t say you don"t matter, take my red roses, you don"t love me is you wrong!


I will meet your smile, I will be happy to see you happy, when it comes to you, I will bless you in silence.


If you like I send a message to me, if you want me to call me, if you love me, then keep silent.


Love you, it is true, love your eyes, big and bright. Love your lips, gentle and mellow. I love you, I want to have you.


Want to erase you from my memory, but always involuntarily to remind you: in the dream of every moment, in the wake of every minute.


People say: love a person is not for the return of. But I want you to give me a return - let me in my lifetime to give you my love!


Passion is a kind of hope. This hope may turn into disappointment. Passion means suffering and transition. When the hope is gone, the passion ends.


I meet you is a fate, we cherish the feelings of not easily won. Hope that in the future on the road to accompany you for life.


The happiness of flower is red, the happiness of the leaf is green, the happiness of the sky and the sea is blue, I give you happiness will be colorful.


Hold you is a kind of happiness, kissed you is a drunk, fall in love with you is a kind of deep and eternal, so I will use my life in exchange for this feeling!


Miss you too, telephone line is broken, burned the mobile phone card, pulled out the wallet bag, eat the pills, oh! But I"d like to see you.


In the crowd looking for you, they seem in the seaside skim play all the sand, eager to find traces of you, if not from May, and hopefully, the afterlife.


For you, I have unconditional surrender, you will sign the love contract! Otherwise, no one wants me! I"m ready to double my rights.


I like you, with typing is very easy, with writing is also very easy, others say is also very easy, but for what is the side of your face, I just can"t say.


Love you is a kind of sweet sorrow, is a kind of romantic feelings, is a gentle attitude, is a kind of want to go and have to say the love!


People on the street one day I go, rain is so heavy, ground is slippery, I do not care slipped and fell down, threw my heart out, above even have your name.


But because I love you, how could not sleep late at night; but because I love you, how can inadvertently sigh, the world only you don"t understand I love you!


For you, I have unconditional surrender, you will sign the love contract! Otherwise, no one wants me! I"m ready to cut my rights by half, my duty.


It is because love quietly to escape, to escape the shadow, hide not open is silent feelings, today, I finally plucked up the courage, to your expression I love.


Warm wind, a cloud of happiness, long days, eternal, destined to the edge, regret, old messages, new wish! Forever and ever!


The past glancing back five hundred times, for this life pass. If it is you, I would like to meet with you, can tell you: "I want to see you".


I can clearly recall every action, every expression, these images that have been written into my life.