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If you fall in love, don"t let go. Recklessly, may make you regret for a while; cowardice, but may make you regret for a lifetime.


What is the best love? In fact, is to find a person like. Let him make you laugh and cry with you, together with the same poor. From a small house to a big house, two people from the world into a family of three. No no enmity, shaking heaven and earth, is so quiet, the days become enduring as the universe. The best love, just a small day, small world, small mood.


The most virtuous people are those who have virtue, but are not satisfied with their appearance.


Love, only love, can make people dare to give up their lives for the people they love.


If you are not happy, not happy, only to let go; if you can not give up, can not put down, is for the pain.


Some things in a warm and beautiful attitude, stay in my memory.


Time will slowly precipitation, some people will be in your heart slowly blurred. Learn to let go, your happiness needs its own fulfillment.


Details kill love。 I love you more than you love me, I do not have any conditions better than you, I just know a truth today, what is lost!" Hate to love, is the last to such a situation, you try to catch the love, then you have no enemy sword, you know you are dazed look around, love to love, but have nothing to lose, you are beaten by yourself.


In a moment of love, people enjoy the pleasure of life more than years of.


Today, I have no such ability to love a person. I have a cardiac arrest, but I can"t respond. At that time, not a matter of youth, and now two people have long been unable to turn back.


Ideals are the noblest of the soul!


Some of the encounters between people is like a meteor, sudden spark of envy, but is being in love with you.


Miss lose self-control, pain can not take care of themselves, the results can not himself, not to the happiness.


Sometimes, love is a kind of hurt, cruel people, choose to hurt others. Kind people choose to hurt themselves.


Patience is the foundation of all wisdom.


Goodness is the harmony of the soul. Good contains wisdom and courage and justice.


Dream of love is not impossible in reality, but that you must add their own sincerity, to beautify the other side.


I have a lot of dreams, every dream has you.


Your happy is well-established, my distressed is no place to hide。


Some are doomed to lose, some fate is never a result. Love a person does not necessarily have, if you have a person must be good to love her.


When have money, often not greedy; personally make money by a man to the two person.


The people can be divided into two, one is better, the other is evil. Good and evil, that is enough to stop, cloud autonomy, as set by the reputation of the United States; poor education, or by the infection caused by the evil wicked, a large, and good for growing penetration, cut, his slaves, and the man is all detested.


There is an ideal place, hell is heaven. Where there is hope, there is joy in pain.


The most regrettable thing in life is to give up easily and should not give up.


When the beauty of the soul and the beauty of the appearance of a harmonious integration, people will see that this is the world"s most perfect beauty.


I"m alone with my shadow, it says it has a whisper to me, it says it misses you. Originally, I and my shadow are thinking of you.


Tomorrow is a miracle for the world.


You can get love, you can get married, you can get a good life; but if you do not get a sense of security, then what is the use of all this? It is better to live in fear of abundance than to live in poverty. You think you want a lover, but in the end will know, really want is nothing but peace of mind. So, happiness is not to love, but to live at ease.


In my life I owe you, this life I will return, this life you owe me, next life to me.


The end of love is like when it comes, it"s a moment. Just sing a melody of simple songs, winding notes like holding hands, so, casually walk in the street. Then, suddenly out of each other"s lives, do not intend to go through.


Respect for man is better than truth.


If fate is doomed, if I have one hundred eyes, one hundred eyes will look at you.


The first wealth is health, the second wealth is beautiful, the third wealth is property.


When you meet someone you love, try to get a chance to spend the rest of your life with him, because when he"s gone, it"s too late. When you meet a friend you can trust: to get along well with him, because in a person"s life, it can not really meet a confidant. When you meet someone you once loved, remember to smile and be thankful.


People living in a dream, only a philosopher struggling to wake up.


True love can stand the test, but also the test. How many feelings, because the distance is far away, slowly become weak; how many feelings, because the time of the distant, slowly forgotten; how many feelings, because the family"s intervention, slowly disappear. It"s yours, it"s yours. The more you grip, the easier it is to lose. We are trying, cherish, have a clear conscience. The other, to fate.


The world is not perfect. If you want something, you have to lose something.


Since love, why not say exports, some things lost, will never come back!


The beginning of life is but a well written ending. We are with the line of dolls, written toward the end all the way, until the end.


No matter the emotional cry laugh, love is hate, you want to ask a understand, that is useless.